From the recording Until It Passes By

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Sara was rough girl
With dark hair and a light curl
And a streak of bad in her blood
Simon was a fighter
It was woven in his fibre
A bomb just waiting to blow

Well Sara and Simon
Last night were out driving
When they came across a car in the ditch
The driver was a bleeding
Broken legs and he was pleading
For Sara and Simon to help him

Well beside him in the crash
Sara noticed a bag of cash
Simon saw a pistol at his feet
In the distance sirens were screaming
So Simon let out a demon
And unloaded the gun in the man’s head

The last days of Sara and Simon

They shot out on the road
With that bag full of dough
Thinking they were home free

They got a hotel room
And some booze to consume
And they made love until the break of day

When Simon woke up
He looked outside and saw the cops
Talking to the manager

To his dismay
The manager pointed their way
Simon turned to Sara and said, “It’s time to run!”

The last days of Sara and Simon

They shot out to the car
But they didn’t get far
When a cop yelled out for them to stop

But instead of refuting
Oh Simon started shooting
Oh the bullets began to fly

Sara took one in shoulder
Simon tried to hold her
One pierced through his chest
They fell together
Their blood flew like a river
as Sara and Simon breathed their last breath
The last days of Sara and Simon