From the recording Until It Passes By

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How slowly the time goes
How coldly the wind blows
My hand trembles on this bottle of wine
The empty case at the door tries to tell me I’m fine

But this aching inside
Tells me no lies
There’s no more happy times
Now that you’re gone

I sit in the chair where you used to sit
I close my eyes and dream of when we were kids
I stare at the ceiling, I punch at the walls
You were my kid brother and we’d been through it all

Life has no flare
Without you here
The birds only sing sad songs
Now that you’re gone

The flowers we planted for you planted, today they bloomed
Yellows, purples and blues
I keep a picture of you close to my heart
One day I thought I lost it and I fell apart

I can’t take the pain
Oh when it rains
How will I go on
Now that you’re gone

I know you wouldn’t want me to live this way
But I can’t turn off all the memories
Maybe in time I’ll regain
But until then I’ll sit here in my pain

All alone…Now that you’re gone