From the recording Until It Passes By

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The bells are ringing and the angels are singing
The leaves sway with sorrow as a gentle wind blows
The sun is shining and people are crying
And I’m dressed up in my best clothes

My friends and family they’ve all come to see me
My daughters each carry a white rose
Some came a long way they drove all night and day
To see me dressed in my best clothes

My brother in the back
All dressed up in black
Regretting things he did say
My mother and father
Each hold one another
Never expecting this day
For my girls my wife struggles to be strong
Through a song a friend did compose
And I look my best as I rest
All dressed up in my best clothes

The preacher stops preaching and the pews are creaking
All my stories have now been told
Six of my friends offer their hands
And carry me out in my best clothes

As I pass over the fresh cut grass
The river beside sparkles and flows
I reach my grave under an oak tree’s shade
I’m lowered down in my best clothes

With the sun beating down
On the upturned ground
As friends say their final goodbyes
Hymns are sung from heads that are hung
In chorus of cries
Please don’t worry and don’t be in a hurry
To meet me before your time comes
For I’ll await at those golden gates
To greet you when you arrive in your best clothes