1. Highway #9

From the recording Until It Passes By

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It was the 13th of November 1999
I was hauling petroleum on Highway #9
It was a raining and a blowing and I could hardly see outside
When I saw a man with his thumb in the air
and I offered him a ride

As I pulled over he waved a hand of thanks
I leaned over to open the door and move my things aside
Well he got in and shook the rain from his spine
I asked what he was doing hitching’ down Highway #9

He said, “I’m out searching for the father of mine.
All the memories of him have been erased from my mind.
But as a child my mother told me, he and I would ride
In his big rig on Highway #9.”
Like a bullet to the back it took me by surprise
With another look at him I could see his mother’s eyes
And they pierced right through me straight into my soul
My throat tightened up and my blood ran cold

Well we drove through the darkness and on through the night
He told me stories and showed me a picture of his wife
But he told me his mission was to one day find
His daddy out hauling on Highway #9

Eventually we pulled over and he thanked me for the ride
I couldn’t dare tell him that his dad was right at his side
For a man who ran and left his whole family behind
Deserves to ride alone down Highway #9