1. Going Home

From the recording Until It Passes By

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I can finally say that I’m going home
For so long I’ve been on my own
My trip was long and I had some fun
But it’s my time to get going home

These last few miles were tough to walk
And I was alone and in the dark
But I could hear the cheers from everyone
As I reached that gate to my home

Heavens breeze blows through my young dark hair
I can hear Leonard shouting, “Ma, you’re finally here.”
My friends clap and my siblings sing
As I walk up that path to my home

Well I’ve waited so long and I prayed
For my time, for this day
The loved ones I leave please be strong
Be happy for me cause I’m going home

The sun shines and the air is warm
My daughter and son greet me at the door
Mother and Father take me in their arms
As I enter into my home