From the recording Until It Passes By

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It kills me to see the setting of the sun
Cause I know come the dawn you’ll be gone
It’s clear to see the writing’s on the wall
With every rise comes a fall
Even though you lay at my side
No longer can I see the love in your eyes

I hear it in your voice
When you say “I love you”
Baby don’t take me as a fool
You tell me what I want to hear
But I know it’s all untrue
Baby don’t take me as a fool

The last few months I felt you drifting away
But you’d continue to tell me that you’d stay
There was a time you craved for my touch
Now you pull away more often than not
I heard you whispering on the phone
Come tomorrow you’ll be out on your own

I’ve wanted to believe your lies
And hope we’d pull through
Baby don’t take me as a fool
I know your mind’s made up
Tonights the last night with you
Baby don’t take me as a fool

As hard as it might be
I’m better without you
Baby it’s you who's the fool