From the recording Of What Is Left

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he leaves have fallen upon the ground
The lush green grass has faded to brown
By the cold mountain river

Water rushes through the hills
To the lakes in the valley where it lies still
Where it waits for the lonely ice of winter

Joanna would come every afternoon
To sit at its shore and listen to its tune
As the current would gently sing to her

That cold mountain river
Such beauty and power
It runs from the heavens to the earth
And washes away all the dirt

Little did she know that she wasn’t alone
A man hid in the bushes hungry for control
By the cold mountain river

As Joanna watched the water flow by
She caught the bushes move in the corner of her eye
As she felt her skin suddenly quiver

The man ran out and threw her to the ground
Covered her mouth so she couldn’t make a sound
As she looked into the eyes of a killer

As he tore at her clothes
She stared in his eyes and reached real slow
For the knife at her side that her daddy gave her

And as he bared an evil grin
She thrust that knife deep within
Through his gut, straight into his liver

The man jumped up clenching at his side
Gushing blood and wide eyed
As fell into that cold mountain river