1. Fields I Plow

From the recording Of What Is Left

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My eyes awake
My muscles ache
I get up to leave
As I hear you breathe
I grab my gloves
And I kiss your brow
I wish I could stay
But I’ve got fields to plow

The floorboards creak
As I walk down the hall
The moonlight shines
On our girls so small
As I step out
That old barn cat meows
They day is young
And I’ve got fields to plow

As I make my way
Past the bails of hay
I watch the sheep graze
In the morning haze
And the sparrows sing
Like angels in the clouds
Watching over me
As these fields to plow

I till this earth
It’s my life’s work
To provide
For those loved ones inside
The kitchen light’s on
Breakfast I can smell
It’s time to break
From these fields I plow