1. One Of You

From the recording Of What Is Left

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I’ve walked a thousand miles
And I’ve talked in a thousand tongues
I’ve climbed a thousand hills
And I’ve banged on a thousand drums

I’ve sung a thousand songs
And I’ve hummed a thousand hymns
I’ve stood against a thousand strong
For the good of a single kid

But I’ve only found one of you (x2)

I’ve strung a thousand strings
I’ve lived among a thousand thieves
I’ve received a thousand stings
For believing in a single belief

I’ve held a thousand hands
And I’ve been dealt a thousand cards
I’ve rambled across a thousand lands
And I’ve gambled in a thousand bars

But I’ve only found one of you (x2)

No matter how far I go
Across mountain tops and sandy shores
Through fields of green across the ocean blue
I’ve only found one of you (x3)