1. She Blew Away

From the recording These Weights

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Her hair was as black as the night
And eyes as bright as the day
But when I let her go she blew away
I could feel the pull of the wind
But I wouldn’t release my grip
Her sails were always set like a sailing ship
Whoa, whoa, whoa, she blew away

Mama said, “Son if you love something set it free.
If it returns or not there’s no guarantee.”
The wind carried her up over mountains, fields and streams
Now the only place I see her is in my dreams
Whoa, whoa, whoa, she blew away

Well sometimes when you hold onto things you love so tight
You seldom open your eyes But when you finally see the light
Love has blown away and left you blind

When I'm alone and I hear
The wind outside
I close my eyes and dream she's by my side
She's out there somewhere
floating along on the breeze
And I pray someday she blows back to me
Whoa, whoa, whoa, she blew away

Hey pretty baby I shoulda held you tight
And never let you go that night
I got a pain in my chest I can hardly breath
Well I should’ve known if I let you go
That I’d be left here all alone
Waiting for you to come home

When I’m alone and I hear that wind outside
I close my eyes and dream she’s by my side
Well I know that she’s floating somewhere out on a breeze
I hope someday she blows right back to me

Never did I think that day
That if I let her go she’d stray
She blew away